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Stainless steel integrated distribution box

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  【 stainless steel integrated distribution box installation considerations
  1. When installation, please carefully check meter box parts in good condition.
  2. The installation position should choose no violent vibration and impact is not enough to damage the electrical components.
  3. Stainless steel integrated distribution box should be installed vertically, oblique Angle should not exceed 5 °.
  4. In use process should maintain and clean meter box.
  5. Because of the stainless steel materials used in the synthetical distribution box is not resistant to strong alkali, oxidizing acid, ketone and amine, dissolved in hydrogenated diameter class and aromatic solvents, so should avoid contact with these chemicals.
  6. In use process should avoid sharp objects collision and hard objects scratch the surface of the meter box.
  7. Stainless steel integrated distribution box when installation should try to choose a cool, dry place, prevent sun direct illuminate for a long time, in order to extend the meter box and the service life of watt-hour meter and electrical components.

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