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Control box strict conditions of use

Release time:2022-11-08 22:48Sentiment:

  Control box is very important equipment in the electrical and electrical industry, also equipment is commonly used in our daily life. Mainly used in ac 50 hz, the voltage is 380 volts, usually for fire pump control, fire control fan or fan control and lighting control, and so on. Visible, control box is used widely. Control box using conditions, however, there are certain requirements, to achieve the ideal use value.
  Use control box use conditions around is not above 40 degrees Celsius temperature, average temperature in the 24 hours cannot exceed 35 degrees Celsius, is the change of the surrounding air temperature limit down only five degrees Celsius. Temperature has a bigger influence on control box use, once the temperature is too high, can affect the work of equipment, and even brings the risk of fire. The air humidity is one of the control box need to pay attention to the problem.

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