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Double power distribution box and the power distribution cab

Release time:2022-11-08 22:52Sentiment:

  Double power distribution box and power distribution cabinet is the indispensable infrastructure in People's Daily life, so you understand the difference between the two?
  1. USES: double power distribution box is usually home, mainly used for the centralized power supply and power distribution ark, such as industrial, construction electricity, dual power distribution box is a complete set of low-voltage equipment, and the power distribution ark with high and low pressure.
  2. Shape: significant difference between the two is its size. Distribution cabinets can be on the ground and the similar size to the refrigerator. Dual power distribution box size and wall hanging box, the function is the same.
  3. Features: distribution cabinets can be combined with a variety of explosion-proof electric apparatus or a variety of explosion-proof electric apparatus, such as: explosion-proof power distribution box, explosion-proof electromagnetic starter, etc. Dual power distribution box can be equipped with circuit breaker, sensors, contactor, thermal relay, button and indicator elements, can be used for lighting and motor control.

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